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The LFEX .plan File:
This is what's going on

A .plan file for the extended LFE community
so that we all have a better idea of
who's working on what

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  • New macro handling and compiled macros
  • Hack on Flavors
  • Prep LFE for v1.0
  • Add a new defstruct form which will subsume records and elixir structs



  • Get URL-parsing into lhc library
  • Get LFE OAuth library working
  • Create LFE Twitter client
  • LFE + YAWS + WebSockets & related blog post
  • Continue with lrootes, a composable rewrite of lfest

Books and Docs

  • Updates to Getting Started Guides:
    • walk through them with a recent LFE and ensure everything works as advertised
    • add information for non-Debian/Mac OS X systems (people have been having problems running through the guides on Red Hat-based systems)
  • Create install guide(s) for LFE (in particular, Red Hat-based, Windows, *BSD)
  • Get more writing done on LFE book
  • Finish chapter 2 of SICP (LFE Edition) and start chapter 3
  • Continue converting the PyGTK tutorial to an LFE GTK tutorial book for building GUI apps
  • Finish LFE Hyperpolyglot
    • Also: update layout to use Bootstrap for beter mobile experience
  • Continue work on try.lfe.io


  • Continue writing rebar3 plugins
  • Get ltool to feature-parity with lfetool
  • Continue migrating the clj library to be a module that’s part of LFE-proper

Distributed and Parallel Systems


  • Finish GTK LFE example
    • update it to use the new ℓGTK library
  • Build out ℓGTK
    • continue wrapping GTK functions
    • add gen_server or gen_event to help track object state
  • Convert nascent Clojure Twitter Linux client (meep) to LFE + ℓGTK



  • Pick up GP tutorial again
  • Continue exploring porting the award-winning SHOP2 Common Lisp planner to LFE
    • get latest code from University of Maryland: https://github.com/oubiwann/shop2/issues/1
    • update github SHOP2 repo with UMD’s latest
  • Continue working through code in Handbook of Neuroevolution Through Erlang and adapting to LFE




  • Add more exercises to xLFE
    • Get more contributors
    • Spread the word somehow
    • Get more people on track
  • Once Lodox gets (more) stable, generate documentation for projects like:
  • Help ensure common lfex projects are using rebar3 and modern .travis.yml
  • Modernize the Clojure code in lfecljapp
  • Help oubiwann et al. write/edit documentation as needed